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Reclaim the Intellectual Time You Loose

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on daily activities that could be used to improve yourself instead?  We do a lot of things like commuting, driving, shopping, working out that are really our intellectual time lost if you think about it, but we’re so used to it we stop thinking about this fact.  So I’ve decided to create this excel sheet to get some idea.

I’ve created tables for three different types of people;  inactive office worker, somewhat active office worker, active office worker.  You can customize it for yourself and see how much time you loose.   Here are some of the results for an active office worker who commutes to work, goes to gym, does shopping, plays XBox/PS3 etc.

Active office worker

Yes, what you’re seeing is correct!  An active office worker could read 102 books or 3387 articles a year if he/she could use all that activity time for reading.  You might be thinking, what sense does it make if you can’t give up any of these activities and more horribly start using it for reading?  Well, the nice part is, nothing has to give, ‘if’ you use VocaTalk Personal Podcast.  Seriously!  You can turn all the content into a high quality media and listen while doing almost any activity.  VocaTalk generates musical podcasts that you can download to your iPod/iPhone/Zune take with you whereever you go.  You can use the highest quality text-to-speech voices on the market, rip CDs, import mp3 music and play in the background.  VocaTalk can also split your reading into multiple hour long episodes, add audio fx like voice modulation, echoes, positional audio for a more fun listening experience.  The generated speech provides sufficient interleave between paragraphs to provide easy digestion.  If you could just listen instead of reading, you could reclaim the time you lost without giving up any of your daily activities.

Number of Articles per Year

Number of books per year

Download excel sheet to calculate your time lost on daily activities that could be potentially turned into intellectual time without even giving them up.